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    Games Rules


    General Rules

    All the points listed below are considered read and accepted by all users of Erisium Network's platforms. When connecting to one of the server platforms, any transgression of the rules will be severely reprimanded. Should the Erisium Administration wish to modify these regulations for any reason whatsoever, it has full rights to do so. Likewise, as the Administration is the owner of the server, it is their right to punish you without providing you with proof if they consider it appropriate to exclude you from the platform. (Art.0-1)

    The purpose of a punishment is to enforce the rules according to the mistakes and history of the offending player. Any punishment applied may be explained and justified by a member of the moderation if the guilty player so desires because it is applied impartially and respectfully towards the player. (Art.0-2) You still reserve the right to contest a punishment that has been applied to you in the appropriate section. (Art.0-3)

    The server moderation team is at your disposal on all our platforms to answer all your questions, if necessary. On the other hand, all the other staff members are not obliged to answer you. (Art.0-4)

    All users of our platforms are equal, regardless of their rank. They have the same rights under these Rules and for this reason, you are asked to be respectful of each other. Respect for others is fundamental in order to enjoy our services in idyllic conditions. (Art.0-5)

    If you encounter problems with Erisium's moderation or with any of its members, please refer to the persons in charge of this section if it is not possible to resolve it otherwise. The server team is made up of volunteers and they have a lot to do, please take this into account. (Art.0-6)


    Security and Account Sharing
    You are fully responsible for the security of your Minecraft account as well as your other accounts on our platforms. We decline all responsibility if they are hacked. (Art.1-1) If your account is used to violate the rules, it will suffer the consequences. Therefore, please never communicate your identifiers to anyone, a password is personal and must never be disclosed. (Art.1-2)

    It is important to note that we do not take into account the sharing of Minecraft accounts used on the Erisium Network. Your account is under your own responsibility. If you are banned from logging in because of one of your relatives, this one will remain so without exception. (Art.1-3) We would like to inform you at the same time that a publicly shared account is accepted on our servers as long as it is not used to violate our rules. (Art.1-4)

    Forbidden Advertising
    Advertising for your own personal interest, such as for a Youtube Channel, Dailymotion or Twitch of any kind is prohibited. Advertising by private message or on the server's chat will therefore result in the player being muted by a moderator, unless he has the Guest or Friend rank. It is the same on the forum, no advertising is allowed outside the appropriate sections. (Art.2-1)

    Advertising for other servers on Erisium, TeamSpeak, discord or forum will result in a penalty, with a tolerance for mumble. This includes the sharing of links or IPs outside Erisium in all communication systems at your disposal. (Art.2-1')

    All other forms of announcements such as private events, group invitations or guild recruitments are allowed on the server. (Art.2-2)

    Communicate freely, without abuse
    Many means of communication are available to the players in order to offer them an optimal game experience on our servers. Messages must be written in a comprehensible manner while respecting the language of the platform. (Art.3-1)

    Dialog calmly and respectfully. Think to the youngest ones!
    It goes without saying that it is strictly forbidden to write messages or send images of a sexual, discriminatory, violent, xenophobic, hateful, rude, abusive, racist or homophobic nature. (Art.3-2) We will ask you to avoid making any political debate or conflict, otherwise, you will be punished. And therefore, it seems indispensable to make a reminder of respect for others here. (Art.3-3)

    No provocation will be tolerated, so please be fair when playing on the server. Whether you win or lose, we are all human beings, so let's just try to play well together.
    Threatening (DDoS, suicide, etc) against someone is prohibited on the server. (Art.3-4)

    The Minecraft community is a relatively young audience, which is why you are asked to think twice before making a mistake on the Erisium network.

    Spam, flood and abusive capitalization are forbidden.
    All types of spam are automatically blocked, but it is still forbidden to post a series of meaningless and useless messages that only annoy other players. (Art.3-5) Messages containing an excessive number of capital letters that make the chat unreadable are considered spam. (Art.3-6) Spam may nevertheless be tolerated by the moderation during events or streams that incite it. (Art.3-7)

    Youtubers and team members must be respected as much as anyone else. You will surely meet more than one of them on Erisium's platforms, apart from their popularity on Youtube or via streams, these players also have the right to play comfortably on our servers. That's why we ask you not to spoil their gaming experience by "stalking" them, but to play with them as if they were regular players. Allowing them a normal gaming experience will satisfy you as much as they do, because they will be able to transmit quality content to you in their videos or streams. (Art.3-8)

    Likewise for the staff members, they do everything they can to make sure you have a good time on the server and like to relax by playing with you as players from time to time (many of these players are not professionals either). (Art.3-9)

    Losing consecutively due to constant targeting is extremely discouraging for them and can lead them to exclude you from their games if abused.

    A private conversation should not be disclosed without the consent of all members involved.
    This may seem obvious, but many people use it for the sole purpose of revenge or mockery, and in some situations, it can invade an individual's privacy. This practice is therefore banned from the Erisium network. (Art.3-10) Messages containing private information are prohibited. (Art.3-11)

    Each member is solely and uniquely responsible for the content he or she publishes, Erisium Network cannot be held responsible for it. Moderators are recruited to monitor activity on the server's networks. (Art.3-12)

    The Mumble servers used during your games on ErisiumNetwork are not covered by the present rules. The ErisiumNetwork team cannot therefore be held responsible in case of abuse on these platforms. (Art. 3-13)

    Identity theft
    Impersonating a Youtuber, moderator or any other member of the Erisium Network team is prohibited. Stealing an identity by username, avatar, signature or behaving as a staff member is not tolerated on the Erisium Network and can be severely punished. (Art.4)

    It is easy to recognize a high-ranked member on the server! They have a colored banner under their avatar on the forum and a prefix in front of their username on the server, which is shown below:

    A Youtuber will always be connected with the prefix GUEST if it fits the criteria required to get this rank.
    Friends of the administration team have the FRIEND prefix.
    People who organize recurring events can receive the HOST rank so that they can start their games the way they want to.
    Graphic designers, editors, translators, support team members, gameplay, communication, feedback have the STAFF in front of their nickname.
    The TESTER prefix is reserved for staff, allowing them to perform tests for the server.
    When you have a question, you will have to ask the HELPER.
    Builders have the prefix BUILDER.
    Moderators who ensure that your games run smoothly have the prefix MOD.
    Developers have the prefix DEV.
    Team Leads have the prefix LEAD.
    The server admin team ("Admin Team") are the people who manage the server. They have the prefix ADMIN.

    Skin, Capes, and Usernames
    Having a skin, cape or username that is vulgar, sexually explicit, discriminatory, violent, xenophobic, hateful, rude, abusive, racist, homophobic or that contains private information is not allowed on the Erisium Network. The wearing of incorrect skins, the use of inappropriate pseudonyms as well as the wearing of coarse capes are permanently banned from our platforms with the possibility of claiming a de-banning when changing them. (Art.5-1)

    The same goes for the constructions, all mini-games included. (Art.5-2)

    Client modification

    Changes to your client that may give you an advantage over other members are prohibited and banned on Erisium. The server has an Anti-Cheat that allows to detect and ban any attempt to cheat. Moreover, moderators are present to make sure that no one falls through the cracks and that all the games take place in the desired conditions. (Art.6-1)
    However, some modifications are still allowed.
    • The use of mods allowing the improvement of the performances of your game is tolerated (Optifine, LabyMod,...).
    • Purely aesthetic modifications such as shaders.
    • The changes in brightness and gamma.
    • And the addition of a HUD that allows you to see the status of armor and weapons only is also not forbidden.
    • The use of the ToggleSneak mod, as long as it is impossible to access the interfaces while crouching, is allowed.
    • The mods that allow you to see coordinates.
    The use of modifications not included in the list above may be subject to punishment. You therefore use them at your own risk.

    In case of an error on the part of a Moderator or Anti-Cheat, the procedure is to make a complaint in the appropriate section on the forum with tangible proof. (Art. 6-2)

    No cancellation of a punishment will be granted if a player attempts to be banned by the Anti-Cheat by deliberately exploiting loopholes or deliberately hitting the Anti-Cheat. (Art. 6-3)

    Coming with more than three Minecraft accounts for the sole purpose of cheating will lead to a permanent ban on all accounts. (Art. 6-4)

    Bug exploitation

    Some features of the server may have bugs. If you encounter a problem, please write a bug report here:

    It is therefore strictly forbidden to exploit them voluntarily, otherwise you will be punished. (Art.7-1)

    HOSTS Rules
    On Erisium, it is possible to buy a subscription that allows you to create your own personalized games (Host). We provide you servers, but it is obvious that abusing of your permissions will be punished. The goal is to allow you to create personalized content as you wish while benefiting other players. It is important to keep this in mind. (Art.8-1)


    When creating a public custom game, it is important to clearly define the rules. As a Subscriber, double-check that the configuration is suitable for you. (Art 8-2) Despite the fact that it is your Host, if a moderator notices a violation of the defined rules a punishment will be applied. (Art 8-3)

    The permissions whose orders made available to Subscribers must be used wisely, reasonably, without abuse on the players so that everyone can benefit from them. (Art 8-4)

    In a customized game, you have the possibility to change the name of your Host. This name must be respectful, and must not include any advertisement to promote your personal or public platforms, external to those of Erisium. (Art 8-5)

    What does a Host risks in case of abuse?
    In case of a violation of the rules imposed above, the Subscriber may lose all the commands entrusted to him for a fixed period of time depending on his past record. He will therefore only be able to launch customized games and configure them. (Art 8-6)

    Forum Rules

    The following rules have been established with the main goal of bringing together the entire Erisium community of players in a site and forum that is respectful of others and user-friendly, in order to promote the exchange and sharing of knowledge. (Art.9-1)

    It is strictly forbidden...
    • To abuse SMS language, and advised to pay attention to its spelling. Do not hesitate to edit your messages in case of an error. (Art.9-2)
    • To post messages whose sole purpose is to "flood" or "troll". Non-constructive messages will be considered as spam. A conversation is available for this purpose. (Art.9-3)
    • To do double posts/up with an interval of less than 24 hours. Use the "Edit" function. (Art.9-4)
    • To create new topics for an already closed discussion. If you wish to add to a discussion that needs to be reopened, let a forum moderator know. (Art.9-5)
    • To create subjects with "I.R.L" photos or the name and first name of one or more players without the authorization of the legal guardian if the child is a minor, for copyright and security reasons. (Art.9-6)
    Any element considered harmful may be subject to a penalty. Any behavior may be punished, if the forum moderation deems it necessary. (Art.9-7)

    The forum has a number of rules in some sections, please read them before posting a discussion. (Art.9-8)

    Avatars, signatures, usernames, and descriptions are subject to the same rules present in this topic. In the case that an avatar, description, username or signature is contrary to the rules, it must be modified when requested by the moderation team. (Art.9-9) A signature is supposed to briefly introduce you to the rest of the community using the forum or share media you like. Your forum and Minecraft usernames cannot differ since they are linked via the /link. Images that are not oversized (maximum 200 pixels in height) and do not distort the forum are allowed, and videos in signatures are only allowed if they are inserted in spoilers. (Art.9-10)

    TeamSpeak Rules

    It is mandatory that you have the same username in-game, on the forum, and on the TS. This way the team will have no trouble searching for your username if needed. (Art.10-1) For the proper functioning of our community voice chat, the rules below must be taken into account:

    It is strictly prohibited ...
    • To advertise in any form. (Art.10-2)
    • Impersonate anyone and use any prefix and suffix in square brackets. (Art.10-3)
    • Insulting, including racist, xenophobic, homophobic, or any other kind of insult... (Art.10-4)
    • Unnecessarily spamming pokes or conversations. (Art.10-5)
    • To change channels too abusively. (Art.10-6)
    • To pollute the noise environment of public channels. (Art.10-7)
    • To use voice modifiers. (Art.10-8)
    • To put bots in public channels (unless exceptionally authorized). (Art 10-9)
    • To have an unhealthy alias, even in private channels. (Art.10-10)
    • To send "screamer" or "pornographic" links. (Art.10-11)
    • To put an unhealthy TS avatar (moderators reserve the right to remove it without warning). (Art.10-12)
    • Record voices by any mean in a public or private channel without the agreement of all persons present in the channel. (Art.10-13)

    [​IMG] What happens in the temporary private, password-protected channels stays in those channels. Moderation does not have to deal with what happens in your private channels as long as you agree with the teamspeak rules, and the creator of the channel reserves the right to exclude people of his choice if he feels like it. (Art.10-14)

    When you are subject to a punishment, it is absolutely forbidden to circumvent it by using other identities or using other schemes (Art.10-15)

    Spamming staff members, either via Pokes or Private Messages is prohibited. They are not machines but humans just like you, so just give them time to reply. Also, take into account that they can be quite busy. If you don't get an answer, wait a while before sending your next message or ask another available team member. (Art.10-16)

    Buying and Selling
    The server's store allows you to obtain different ranks, cosmetics or coins. The purchase of these items may result in obtaining new machines to improve the quality of our services, but this is by no means obligatory. (Art.11-1)

    No purchase is refunded. Purchases are considered final and the buyer is responsible for his mistake in this case. (Art.11-2) In-game purchases are only refunded in case of loss or bugs coming from the server. The procedure consists of sending an email to this address: [email protected]. (Art.11-3) In case of loss of data, it is, therefore, the responsibility of the player to take the necessary steps. (Art.11-4)

    Minors must have the permission of their legal guardian. Erisium is in no way responsible for acts committed by minors without the authorization of their legal guardian. Please consult your guardian before making a purchase on the server shop. (Art.11-5)

    Selling Minecraft accounts is forbidden on all Erisium platforms. This precaution has been put in place to protect all users of the Network from any attempt to swindle our servers. (Art.11-6) It is important to specify that a banned Minecraft account will remain banned even if its owner were to change, the moderation applies punishments to the account and not to the player except in exceptional cases. (Art.11-7)

    No resale from the Erisium Network Store is allowed.
    It is perfectly plausible for you to make a gift to your friends but no resale will be tolerated. The sale of any item sold by Erisium is prohibited outside of the Official Site Store or contests. (Art.11-8)

    In general, no sales are allowed on the network, despite this restriction it is conceivable to possibly present and/or offer your services as a graphic designer, developer (etc..) in the categories intended for this on the forum since your sales do not take place on any of the platforms of the Network. (Art.11-9)

    ► Circumventing the Official Rules via innuendoes (etc.) is strictly forbidden.

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    ErisiumNetwork's Team.
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